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Burn Calories on an Electric Bike

As a commuting tool, can riding an electric bicycle be considered exercise? The conclusion: absolutely possible!

The amount of calories burned depends on many factors, such as how hard you pedal, how fast, the type of terrain, and the assist level selected. If you step faster or harder, you will burn more calories. This may be because you are going uphill, choosing a lower assist level, or increasing speed.

People think that riding an electric bike is cheating because it is an easier way to ride, which is actually why so many people choose to ride an electric bike. Riders can determine their level of intensity on the e-bike. Among fitness enthusiasts, there is some debate about whether the intensity or duration of exercise is more beneficial, but experts agree that both types of exercise can burn fat and calories. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles provide a low-impact exercise, allowing riders to exercise for longer periods of time. Of course, a fixed-gear bicycle can burn more calories during a possibly shorter riding period, but an elevated heart rate for a long time can provide similar fitness benefits.

It is clear from countless scientific data and evidence that electric bicycles are not cheating. Increases in heart rate and calories burned are clear evidence that can shut down those pesky electric bike opponents. People who want to improve their physical health should consider electric bicycles as a way to exercise, without worrying about the fear that most traditional exercises bring. Electric bicycles can easily be integrated into a person’s lifestyle, while allowing them to make healthy choices about how to commute or handle weekly housework. Will riding an e-bike make you completely break down? Unlikely-but it will help you burn a lot of calories and lose some weight in the event of an explosion.

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