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How does an E-Bike work

We’re all familiar with how a standard bike works, you swing your leg over it, you turn the pedals and the bike goes along, you pull the brakes, it comes to a stop.

However when you add a battery, a motor and a control unit into the mix things are going to get different, you’re going to get an E-bike, but how does it all work? Well, today we’re answering that question and a few other basic questions too.
There are two different categories when it comes to E-bikes. One is throttle assist, the other is pedal assist. With a throttle assist E-mountain bike you simply twist the grip or push a button and the motor’s activated, off you go without pedaling. Whereas with the pedal-assist mountain bike, you actually need to pedal to get the motor to engage. If you don’t pedal you aren’t going anywhere, and that’s the bikes we’re focusing on today.

So all electric bikes have three main components that actually make them an E-bike. That being the battery, the motor, and the control unit. So how does it feel to ride an E-bike? Well, it’s exactly the same as a traditional bike, you push on the pedals and you go along. It’s just got that assistance from the motor feels like you’re getting a push from someone on the flat, and also when it comes to those steeper climbs.
But how much it assists you are going to differ too. You can change up via the mode switch. Your E-bike is going to offer you a few different levels of assistance that you can dial in via the power modes on the bike.

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