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Our Avadar C3-Sport Sport e-bikes has front suspension, but no rear shock. That makes them lighter and easier to maintain. They are usually faster to pedal, especially in sprints and on smoother climbs.

Avadar C3-Sport sport ebikes is designed for riding off-road on trails taking you farther and faster with less effort than a traditional bicycle. These Off-Road machines climb hills like a billy goat and make descending even more fun due to the acceleration you can get when you pedal. With the motor and the battery positioned low and to the center of the bike you will have even more stability, more control, and more fun than you ever have before. E-Mountain Bikes take the “fun factor” to new levels. Ride with a friend or a spouse that’s more fit than you. Exercise? Oh yeah…. If you want to…..If you want to take it easy, you can do that too. You can climb steeper hills faster than ever and not suffer doing it!

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