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"Get back the fun & freedom of riding bikes."



Mid-drive Motor

With 80Nm Max Torque

A good Mid-drive system forms part of a seamlessly integrated system, perfectly suited to the bikes intended use


Balanced Geometry

20 mph

TOP Speed

80 Nm

MAX torque

Ride the future together

The Smart Cartridge controls all onboard systems, processing real-time motor feedback. Don't need remove the battery when you need a charge.

Earn your street tread. We’re going to flatten your climbs and make you laugh in the face of headwinds with our first ever AVADAR Ebike. Nothing else on the road comes close.

Some effort, double the reward

Rider Application

2x You

Assist to




Compact purist-LCD Display

Concentrate on what really matters and get all the key information with a click of your thumb: The on-board computer stands for highest efficiency and precision.

Suspension Fork

Avadar’s front forks feature adjustable travel to provide more versatility: You can shorten the travel for going uphill and lengthen it for sustained or steep downhill sections.

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