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Discover what Avadar customers have to say about their bikes, their ride experience, and the feeling they get when on the saddle.

Randy Stull,NJ
Mar 15, 2021
My bike arrived very fast and was packed really great! After watching the video it only took an hour to put the bike together. Love the look of the bike and the quality. Great buy for the price!
Avadar C3-Sport
James Harrison, OR
Mar 27, 2021
Love my Avadar C3! I’ve had it for about 1 mo. now and no issues. I’ve been on 10-40 mile rides and have never run out of battery. I really like that it’s not as heavy as most other e bikes.
Avadar C3-Sport
Todd Freer, TN
Apr 18, 2021
They really have good customer service, I liked that they got back to me within 24hrs and I received my bike in 6days
Avadar C3-Sport
Brian, TX
May 5, 2021
I received and assembled my bike last Friday. The packaging arrived in good condition and the assembly was easy. It took about 2 hours including setting the seat height and handlebar angle. In the last four days, I have ridden 90 wonderful miles. The bike is a dream to ride, shifting is smooth as silk, the ride is amazing, and the brakes are awesome. I can tell you that this is the best bicycle that I have ever owned! Now I ride at higher speed and far longer than before resulting in more exercise. This bike has exceeded my expectations. Great work Avadar!!
Avadar C3-Sport
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